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Updated: Oct 27, 2021

A message from The Magdalen Magazine, Dundee University's Student-led media outlet:

The recent instances of misinformation, which have taken place on our Campus, have led us to realising how easily manipulated our student community can be. While we, the leading Student media outlet in Dundee, believe in the democratic need to express opinions and concerns, we despise political capitalising on misinformation under any circumstances. It is time we, the students, raise the quality of discourse on our Campus and begin to rely on fact-checked and confirmed information to avoid further exploitation of our Community. We appreciate the role of Dunfess in the student communication sector but there is only so much the admins of the page can do to verify the abundance of information they face on a daily basis.

Our Campus Fact Check Team will liaise with the University and DUSA staff to clarify the meaning of their plans and actions, while also contacting protesters and various groups of interest to objectively capture the meaning of their actions. We will also use our website,, to publish unopinionated information based on press releases from organisations established on our Campus.

Join the team: email for more information.

Follow us to stay up-to-date with reliable information:


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