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UPDATED: Dalhousie Car Crash

A car has collided with the Dalhousie Building at approximately 1pm today (Tuesday 6th December 2022).

Staff and students were evacuated from the building quickly and effectively and the Fire & Rescue Service were on scene at approximately 1.05pm.

No injuries have been reported at present. Emergency services are currently on scene.

The University of Dundee has commented the following via Twitter:

"There has been an incident at the Dalhousie Building where a car has collided with a wall. Students and staff are advised to avoid the area as emergency services attend to the incident. We have no initial reports of any injuries and there is no reason to be alarmed."

UPDATE 3.30pm: Emergency services have now left the scene. No injuries were sustained at the crash. The affected area has been cordoned off. Access has been provided for students and staff to collect their belongings only.

The Dalhousie Building will remain closed for the remainder of the 6th December 2022 and will reopen for teaching on the 7th December.

UPDATE 4.55pm: The University have released the following email to all staff and students:

"Dear students and staff,

We had a serious incident on the city campus just after 1pm today when a car collided with a classroom wall at the Dalhousie Building.

Thankfully no one was in the classroom at the time and the driver of the car was uninjured.

Emergency services were on the scene quickly, together with our Estates team, to secure the building. The building is closed for the rest of today, but students can get access before 5pm to collect any personal belongings that may have been left inside. Please approach the Security staff at the front desk if you need access.

The building will reopen tomorrow but all rooms in corridor 2G will be closed to allow us to secure the damaged area. The lecture theatre 2G11 will be accessible from the circulation foyer only.

CHECK YOUR TIMETABLE If you have classes scheduled in corridor 2G tomorrow these will be moved. Please keep checking your timetable for updated details.

We will have further updates in the coming days as the full extent of damage and repair work required to reinstate the affected classroom is assessed. Please look out for these messages, particularly if you have examinations next week.

Thank you to all who responded so quickly to this alarming incident, and again we are thankful no one was injured.

Dr Jim McGeorge University Secretary & Chief Operating Officer"

Although belongings are only collectable until 5pm, the email was sent at 4.53pm. This is unfortunately the first official communication from the University that students have had since the incident occurred almost four hours ago.

Any further updates will be added to this post on The Magdalen.



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