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DUSA Exec Election: Voting Closed - Candidates' Reactions

The candidates' campaigns have come to an end. While the Union building is filled with students celebrating the St. Paddy's Day, this year's DUSA Executive candidates retire for the day to regain some energy ahead of tomorrow's results, or do they? The Magdalen elections coverage team reports from the Media Hub besieged by partying students.

"It was a good election," says Dimitris Vidakis, current President of DUSA. "I wish there were more candidates for the School President positions but it was expected to see low engagement with this particular role following the impact of the pandemic," he sums up.

Laura Van Overbeek Crusells, the current Vice-President of Community (VPC) and a candidate for the Vice-President of Representation (VPR) role says that she feels relieved following a week of tireless campaigning. She's optimistic but considers various scenarios. "If it's not me, I'd like to see David Lam win the VPR role. I created a good relation with him over the past few days and I believe he would be a good Vice-President of Represention," says Laura. Asked which of her policies she would like the other candidates to take on, shall she not become the next VPR, she talked about the importance of rewriting the DUSA bylaws, "They need to be rewritten from scratch to make them more accessible and understandable for the wider student community."

What about the uncontested positions?

Both President of DUSA and the VPC share an opinion that it would be ideal to see more candidates run in the elections. "It's really sad to know that a role might fall to someone who needs it as a stepping stone. As a non-sabbatical [volunteering] Executive officer, there is nothing but passion for your local community that drives you forward, if you are to be a good Exec," shares Laura, the VPC, "I truly believe that shall they be elected, Jazmine Bennet will be a great VPC. We've had our differences in the past but the interest and care they show for the local community reassures me that I will leave the role in good hands."

Jazmine Bennet, a member of the DUSAlernative coalition is excited to see what the next day brings. Shall they [Jazmine] become the only winner from the coalition group, they will pursue the same policies as the group promised. "I criticised DUSA in the past and a lot needs to be changed. I understand that, shall I win, I might become the criticised one. It is important to introduce what Eamonn [Custance - a candidate for the VPR] called for - the transparency reports. Students need to have a clear insight into what happens within DUSA," Jazmine concludes.

The results will be announced tomorrow at 7 pm. We will share the livestream on our Facebook page. A subtitled recording will be made available the following day.

Marcin Kielczewski


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