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DUSA Exec Election: Results and Turnout

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

The results of the 2022 Executive Election are now out. Exactly 1,607 (9.5%) of students cast their votes.

Find the results below:

Sabbatical Officers (paid £19.000 a year):

President: Nyasha Mutembwa 455 votes (elected by 2.67% of students)

Vice-President of Academia: Zechariah Laari 569 votes (elected by 3.3% of students)

Vice-President of Student Wellbeing: Amarachi Ejim 567 votes (elected by 3.3% of students)

Vice-President of Representation: Obiozor Okoro 402 votes (elected by 2.37% of students)

Non-sabbatical Officers (volunteers)

Vice-President of Student Activities: Zining Li 602 votes (elected by 3.5% of students)

Vice-President of Community: Jazmine Bennett 552 votes (elected by 3.2% of students)

Vice-President of Fundraising: no candidates.

Marcin Kielczewski


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