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DUSA AGM: Rebranding DJCAD Cantina

During the 2022 DUSA Annual General Meeting (18/03), the President of DUSA and the Senior Management of the organisation summarised the previous 12 months and outlined their plans for the rest of the year.

"We started talks with the School [DJCAD] to rebrand the cantina and create a more art-relevant space for students to enjoy," says Claire Lornie, DUSA's Head of Operations, Hospitality and Events. "The plans are to create a more plant-based menu and change the decor of the venue."

"The DJCAD is one of the best art and design schools in the country," continues Ms. Lornie. We'd like to involve our talented students in the process of redesigning the venue," she concludes. At this stage the project is still subject to further changes and developments but it is very likely that the DJCAD students will be involved in the redesign process, be it in a more practical sense or by chipping in their art pieces to be used for the wall design.

The rebranding of the cantina is part of a major plan to redesign the DUSA-owned venues. Claire Lornie reveals that £300,000 of funds acquired from the University have already been secured for revitalising the Union building. The works are likely to begin this summer.

Marcin Kielczewski


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