Club Nights at DUSA - Are They Back?

Our team received a fact check request asking to verify whether the DUSA Club Nights are in fact coming back.

We asked Sarah Craig, the Marketing & Communications Manager, and Cheryl-Ann Cruickshank, the CEO of DUSA, to clarify the situation.

In response, we have received the following statement:

DUSA is launching a brand-new nightclub experience on 18 January. This has been introduced following the 90% reduction in attendance at our previous club nights which made them unviable. Since closure we have had wide-ranging consultation with and feedback from students. The new offering launching in 18th January is in line with what current students tell us they want from DUSA. Monitoring will be in place to measure attendance at and support of the new club night and, like all DUSA’s events and activities, will be constantly reviewed to ensure that it remains viable. In order for the new club night to remain a permanent feature attendance levels and bar spend need to be sufficient to make it viable financially.

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