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Make a Difference: Student Partnership Agreement

What is the Student Partnership Agreement (SPA)?

It is a joint statement made by DUSA and the University that outlines their agreed priorities for the next three years. The 2019-2021 SPA set the following priorities: Welfare, Development, Community and representation, Learning experience.

How does it translate into reality?

Each priority included in the SPA is supported by a strategic approach measured over the course of the SPA duration. See the example below:

How to contribute to the creation of the next Student Partnership Agreement?

DUSA and the University are partnering to review and enhance the Student Partnership Agreement. Surveys are being used to capture a wide variety of University stakeholders views and thoughts to help develop a future plan. The following survey presents the key themes that have emerged from the focus groups, and it presents your chance to help shape the future of this partnership and ensure the students’ voice is heard: Marcin Kielczewski


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