DUSA Societies Awards 2022: what's new?

The nominations close at 12PM on the 8th April. Nominate here!

"I'm overjoyed to announce the launch of the Societies Awards! For those of you that have been involved with the Society Committees before, you might better remember them as the Annual Awards." With these words, Josh Sutcliffe, the Vice-President of Student Activities opened this year's nominations for one of the most prestigious awards ceremony our University is known for.

What's new this year?

For starters, all societies are invited to attend the ceremony, shares Josh. In the past it was just the nominees and winners who would receive the invitation. This year, all 120 of them are welcome to join the party. There is more to it. The VPSA added new award categories. In fact, the total number of categories was doubled and each winner will receive a prize. Perhaps the most exciting element is the free afterparty open to all members of the DUSA-affiliated societies.

What are the categories and how to nominate?

There are three groups of awards this year: Individual, Events, and Societies. Each group is filled with categories recognising skills, commitment, dedication and persistence. The winners will receive more than just prestigious titles and trophies. For each one of them waits a cash prize ranging from £75 to £150.

The nominations close at 12PM on the 8th April. Nominate here!

Marcin Kielczewski

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